Announcing: A Cozy Celtic Concert Series 

As most of the world stays at home and changes their daily routines, we were overwhelmed with the lovely reaction to our Stay At Home St Pat's show from a few weeks ago - thank you so much for all your comments and memories and notes. We're glad that maybe our music helped you celebrate St. Pat's and somehow deal with everything going on right now.

Ever since then we've been putting our heads together to figure out how to move forward and continue to play music for you guys online. Of course we're going to continue to write and record new music, but we also want to do something special. And now ... it's ready!

Watch it Now: A Cozy Celtic Concert Series!

This new series of 25-30 minute concerts will include our music, traditional songs, covers and more will be posted every Tuesday. We have so much music and can't wait to share it with you! You can watch the first episode on our website below. Enjoy, and feel free to share!

So sit back, turn off the news, grab your favorite comforting beverage and enjoy a pub-style small concert from the Gothard Sisters once a week!

New Acoustic Videos: Black Velvet Band, Elderflower March and more 

You know what's great about clearing out clutter and organizing photos and videos? Sometimes it means I stumble on something I totally forgot about. When we're on the road we take thousands of photos and videos (probably closer to tens of thousands). And apparently I missed these four acoustic videos we filmed between shows in Nebraska two years ago and I never got around to posting them. But - better late than never - here they are! 

black velvet band - acoustic 

mermaids - acoustic 

elderflower march - acoustic 

road trip set - acoustic


New Playlist: Our Musical Influences 

This new #spotify playlist is an ongoing project. We've had many people at shows and in interviews ask about our musical influences and so we've created this new playlist for just that - it features a lot of the music that inspired the songs, stories, arrangements and production styles that we love to use for our own music. 
Which musical artists, styles or songs have been hugely influential for you?

Listen to the playlist: Our Musical Influences

End of the Decade and Happy New Year! 

Now - 2019 | Then 2010 

Cheers to the end of a decade! 🥂🌿✨ 

10 years ago we had no idea what the future would bring. But thanks to all of you and to the power of music, we managed to: 

🎻 release 4 Celtic and original albums 

🎄 release 2 Christmas albums 

🎶 record 74 songs 

🎉 chart at #6 on Billboard World Music charts 

🚙 visit 47 states 

✈️ visit 18 countries 

🏅 perform at the Kennedy Center 

🚢 perform on Disney Cruise Line 

👘 tour in Japan 

💃 perform nearly 2,000 shows 

❤️ we are so grateful for every mile traveled, every hour of practice and rehearsal, every mistake or disaster, every fan and smiling face, every customer and supporter, every presenter and agent, every difficult or amazing day, every musical note and musical friend, every lesson learned, perspective gained or small wisdom earned. 

Thank you for this amazing decade! Let's all have another ten years of music and all the little things. 

Happy New Year! 🌺🐚

On the Road: Japan Tour 

The Gothard Sisters have returned home to the NW after 5 amazing weeks in Japan. On the tour we visited 22 cities and performed 23 concerts. It was completely amazing and delightful. We're so grateful! 

The tour in Japan was put together by Min-On Concert Organization in Tokyo. The organization's mission is to promote cross-cultural understanding through music by inviting artists from around the world to perform in Japan. From beautiful concert halls in every major Japanese city to small towns in the more remote regions, we were given a warm welcome by every audience. They laughed, cried, and sang along with us during each performance, which shows how music can truly connect people from across the globe. 

Solana learned several songs in Japanese for the tour - and it was the most amazing feeling to be singing in a different language and hear a thousand audience members singing along with us. Definitely something all three of us will remember forever!

Watch the tour vlog below to get a better sense of what this tour was like:

10 Years: It's The Little Things 

We have an exciting announcement. This summer officially marks 10 years of sisterly music-making as The Gothard Sisters. 

When we first started out we had no idea this musical adventure together would turn into the worldwide thing it has become, and we are so grateful to you; the listeners, the families, the dancers in the aisles, the concert-goers, our many coaches, teachers and mentors, our friends and fellow musicians we’ve met all over the world who always have an encouraging word or a funny story to keep us going, the agents and venues and promoters that took a chance on us and continue to support us every year, the fans who drive for hundreds of miles just to get to a concert, and of course the fans who show up in our shirts and sit in the front row at festivals. You’ve been so energetically excited along with us as we journey through the wild and unpredictable world of music and the music business. Whether you’ve been following us from day one, or if you just discovered us this week - thank you. Here’s to the next ten years! And that’s where the next part comes in… 

To mark the occasion, we’re releasing a 10-year anniversary album called “It’s the Little Things.” The album has 18 songs and includes two never-before-released tracks: Country Roads (finally! You guys have been asking for it for years and we finally recorded it!) and a new, updated, 2019 version of our song It’s the Little Things. The album will be released on August 9th across the internet and can be pre-ordered now. 

But that’s not all! We’re also releasing an awesome new summer t-shirt featuring the #hobbitguitar (mandolin) for festival season. These are soft, comfy, and green (bring on the Irish fests and St. Patrick’s Day!) and come in all sizes. Don’t wait, we have a limited number available and so far these are already flying off the merchandise table at shows. 

Head over to our website to order your new CD and new t shirt! 

Meanwhile, drop us a line here or on social media and let us know your story of when and how you first found out about our music! We’re curious! Was it a show? A video? Spotify? Podcast? 

Thanks again for everything, 
Greta, Willow and Solana 
The Gothard Sisters

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l i s t e n   t o   o u r   m u s i c


b l o g   c a t e g o r i e s

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