Playlist: Hobbit Party 

It's party time in the Shire!  Looking for a playlist for your next party in Hobbiton?  We've compiled a growing playlist of our favorite Hobbit party music.  So break out your hobbit guitar and cook up your homegrown vegetables for a great feast by the old oak tree!  You can follow the playlist on Spotify here as we add new music and curate this to make it the best hobbit party ever.

Award Watch: Billboard World Music Charts #6 

The Gothard Sisters' new all-original album, Midnight Sun, debuted today on Billboard's World Music Chart at #6 in the top ten at the highest ranking debut on the chart.  The chart is calculated through album sales, digital downloads, social media buzz and general popularity of the new music.  The band is absolutely thrilled at this news, and would like to thank everyone who has pre-ordered, purchased or downloaded the new album!  

All of this is thanks to fan support and loyal listeners.

This is the second chart appearance for The Gothard Sisters, who operate entirely independently of a record label or promotions agency.  They previously charted at #13 for the release of their 2016 Christmas album, Falling Snow.

View the Billboard World Music Chart here
Download Midnight Sun on iTunes here
Purchase Midnight Sun on Amazon here
Purchase Midnight Sun on the Gothard Sisters' website here.
Listen to Midnight Sun on Spotify here.

Collaborations: Meeting Michele 

About two months ago we met Michele McLaughlin​ in person for the first time!  Funnily enough, this was after we’d already collaborated and recorded When the Rain Falls together for the new album.  
Listen to the song here: 

Michele’s music is absolutely beautiful, and we’ve loved it for years! So this was a dream come true to play music together. ✨🎶  
Her albums are on iTunes and Amazon, and you can also follow her on Pandora, and Spotify.

Review: 'Midnight Sun' - Amplifying Tradition and Creating Original Pathways 

Folk Words Review
by Tim Carroll

Many musical genres and styles reflect the distance of traveling, loss of  homeland, journeying from family and the call of adventure, however the deep-seated understanding of such narratives finds its true home in Celtic influence. The spirits of those stories grow from roots that thrive long and deep, and it takes respect for their longevity to amplify tradition and simultaneously create original pathways. The Gothard Sisters (Solana, Willow and Greta) have perfected their handling of Celtic-influenced contemporary folk to deliver that essential essence ... and to prove it, their album ‘Midnight Sun’ is their best yet.


Read more

Playlist: Songs of the Sea 

We've started a new playlist on Spotify called "Songs of the Sea."  This features a bunch of great songs that we love that are all about being at sea, or which evoke the images of the great blue deep, including several songs from the new album and lots of our favorite versions of the Mermaid legends!  It'll be updated all Summer long.  Follow it on Spotify here!

Music: New album, Midnight Sun 

I t'  s   o u t !
We are pleased to announce that our most recent album (and first all-original one) is now available!  This one is full of colorful new tracks for your listening enjoyment, and we hope it gets your Summer off to the right start.

Where to buy, stream or download Midnight Sun:
Our Website |
CD Baby

The album features songs written on the road about traveling and adventuring (Wandering, Midnight Sun, Hummingbird and Elderflower March were all written about recent travels in the U.S., Europe, the Mediterranean and the Panama Canal) as well as the other side of traveling, which is being homesick and longing to go home (Colors of Home, Mazama Mornings).  There are songs that tell stories of being at sea (Bells on the Hill, Mermaids) as well as songs that are new takes on traditional topics and rhymes (Rose, Marie and Heather, Cat and the Fiddle.) 

And of course, a true album of ours would not be finished without a beautiful instrumental ballad, and for this album we found an incredible fellow musician, New Age pianist and composer Michele McLaughlin to collaborate with on When the Rain Falls.  We have been fans of Michele's gorgeous music for years and were so excited to include her on this record!  Along with musical collaboration, we were completely blown away by the beautiful hand-painted artwork created for the album by Kelsey Lecky of K.A.K Lecky Illustration (front cover portrait as well as additional artwork inside the disc jacket.)

Lyrics: Midnight Sun 

iTunes  |  Spotify  |  Amazon  | Youtube | CD

Midnight Sun 
(G. Gothard, W. Gothard) 
Solana Gothard - lead vocals, violin, djembe 
Willow Gothard - lead violin, octave mandolin, vocals 
Greta Gothard - guitar, bass, violin, percussion, vocals 


Verse 1
Golden meadow, Summer’s light 
Northern land of elusive night 
Here we spend our endless hours 
Singing among the sweet wildflowers 

Verse 2
Winds that whisper, evening song 
Stories of the mountains strong 
Here we spend our endless hours 
Singing among the sweet wildflowers 


And I look up, to the sky above 
And I can name every star I see 
And I hold close to the ones I love 
And I will dance to the midnight sun 

Verse 3
Far from troubles, Winter’s grieving 
In this place we’ll chance believing 
Here we spend our endless hours 
Singing among the sweet wildflowers 


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Interview:  On the Band's Influences and "Midnight Sun"

Interview: On the Band's Influences and "Midnight Sun"

Music:  New album, Midnight Sun

Music: New album, Midnight Sun

Postcard:  Snowy northern New Hampshire

Postcard: Snowy northern New Hampshire

In the Studio:  Finished CD Design

In the Studio: Finished CD Design

Postcard:  Midnight Sun on the Fjords

Postcard: Midnight Sun on the Fjords

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