Playlist: Celtic Music 

Our favorite Celtic musicians and traditional Irish music for St. Patrick's Day 2019.  This will be constantly updated as we find new music, remember more favorites, and add to the list!  You can follow the playlist on Spotify here.

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Listen to the playlist here: Celtic Music

Concerts and Tours: St Augustine 

We've been to St. Augustine before, but never to perform. When we heard they had a Celtic festival, we thought eventually one day it would happen and we'd end up there. And sure enough, the festival reached out and booked us for the festivities so we were excited to return to this beautiful city for their wonderful festival.

More photos:

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Concerts and Tours: Arizona 2019 

We just got back from two weeks performing in Arizona. It was our first time performing in this beautiful state, and it was great! Special thanks go to TAD Management for organizing this tour and to everyone working hard behind the scenes at the venues. See lots of pictures on Instagram here.

And of course thanks to all the audiences and everyone who came out to the concerts! 🌵🏜🌞 

Up next: St. Augustine Celtic Music & Heritage Festival ! 

See all tour dates here:


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Collaboration: When the Rain Falls 

We had the absolute pleasure to collaborate with Michele McLaughlin last year on a beautiful song called "When The Rain Falls". In this new video we chat a bit about our process of making the song. One interesting fact was that we never played the song together in person, doing the entire collaboration over email and sound clips exchanged back and forth. Although we did meet up after the song was finished, and had a wonderful time chatting about music and life! 
Check it out here and listen to the album at the link in the comments. :)Enjoy!

Playlist: Celtic and World Music for Kids 

The three of us grew up listening to folk, world and classical music and we truly believe there is something about the folk music of the world that is soothing, comforting and inspiring for children's imaginations.

Here's a small collection of music for kids, carefully curated. We want you to feel safe playing this list for your kids. If you have ideas and suggestions to be added to this playlist, please let us know in the comments! Enjoy.

Listen to the playlist here: Celtic and World Music for Kids


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