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The Gothard Sisters are a dynamic musical group of three sisters who play contemporary Celtic music.  Through 10 years performing, touring and writing music together, the optimistic style of their music and performances continue to resonate with their fans, building a loyal international following. 

Their latest all-original album release, Midnight Sun, reached #6 on the Billboard World Music charts as the highest ranking debut on the chart, and the Gothard Sisters have performed in venues large and small all over the country, including a concert at the Kennedy Center's Millennium stage in Washington DC, performances with Disney Cruise line in Europe, music festivals and performing arts venues nationwide. 

Blending Celtic, folk, classical, world and northwest musical influences, the Gothard Sisters bring songs to life with violin, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bodhran, djembe, octave violin, whistle and vocal harmonies, creating music that is "vivid, inspirational and captivating."  (Tim Carroll, Folk Words Review 2018) 

Writing and recording near their home in the Pacific Northwest between touring nationally, the band has released 7 albums and has performed over 1,000 live shows over the course of their career.

"[The Gothard Sisters] are no new girls on the block, they are at the top of their game and one of the industry's best kept secrets to those who've never heard them.  It's all fireworks on this album full of superior songwriting, singing and playing by three professional sisters who know their craft inside out."  
- Scott Carlito, Indie Band Guru 

"[The Gothard Sisters] have perfected their handling of Celtic-influenced contemporary folk... the true magic comes from their ability to craft music both fresh as sunrise and yet drenched in tradition."   
- Tim Carroll, Folk Words Review 

"[The Gothard Sisters'] grasp of style and presentation is big league, even when playing in more intimate settings.  This is a trio that comes off like an orchestra."  
- Celtic Beat Magazine 

"This is world class string and vocal oriented folk music at its finest... a sublime treat." 
- Larry Toering, Skope Magazine

The chemistry between the sisters is amazing and comes through in the ease with which they go from song to song and their antics on stage. The audience at Caras park sat mesmerized by the music, while quite a few people, especially children, could not contain themselves and danced and danced to the music. I highly recommend seeing them whenever they perform in your area and see why they were the winners of the Best New Irish Artist in the recent Irish Music Awards.”

— Bob Leggett, Missoula Music Examiner

Their on-stage charisma, energy, enthusiasm and extraordinary talent is second to none. They have a unique talent of being able to captivate their audience for the entirety of their show, leaving spectators wanting more. Furthermore, the Gothard Sisters' eclectic style and theatrical performance is something that will continue to flourish as these artists will no doubt take the World by storm. A must-see!”

— Keith Doherty, Lannadoo Celtic Festival

Beautiful musicianship”

— Michael Jonathon, Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour

The Gothard Sisters are truly a beautiful anomaly in our modern musical world.”

— Skope Magazine

Amazing sold out show by Greta, Willow, and Solana last night. The act is mixed with humor, emotion, and inspiration. The Gothard Sisters are not to be missed.”

— Scot Grassette, Mystic Theatre

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Greta Gothard - The Gothard Sisters

Greta Gothard - The Gothard Sisters