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“[The Gothard Sisters’] grasp of style and presentation is big league, even when playing in more intimate settings.  This is a trio that comes off like an orchestra.” 
- Celtic Beat Magazine.

Springing from an immensely creative family of painters, woodworkers, sculptors, tapestry weavers, dancers and musicians, this band of sisters has always been comfortable with thinking outside the box.

The Gothard Sisters are a dynamic group of three sisters, whose impressive array of talents have set them apart as one of the most refreshing and compelling acts in Celtic-roots music today.  The sisters' unpredictable and theatrical flair brings a youthful splash to the time-honored tradition of Celtic folk music, bridging the gap between classical, folk, Celtic, world and roots influences with a sunny, optimistic style that has been described as "beautifully arranged, melodic-minded Celtic folk-pop."

Hitting the streets of their hometown - Edmonds, Washington - in 2006, The Gothard Sisters first began playing together as a violin trio busking for tips at the local farmer's market, working their way onto stages at local fairs and festivals.  Audiences responded with enthusiasm, and over 1,000 performances later the band recently performed at the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., completed several national concert tours of the United States, regularly perform as guest entertainers on Disney Cruise Line in Europe and South America and are well-known musicians on the national Celtic festival circuit.  In December 2016 The Gothard Sisters charted on Billboard's World Music Chart with their latest Christmas album, Falling Snow, alongside notable Irish music phenomena Celtic Woman and Celtic Thunder.

When sisters Greta Gothard, Willow Gothard, and Solana Gothard fuse their musical talents together, the result is an irresistible mix of spritely violin and fiddle tones, pure sibling vocal harmonies, mandolin and pennywhistle accents, all supported by the powerful and exuberant rhythms of the Irish bodhran, African djembe, and acoustic guitar - creating what Irish Central calls "an earthiness that gives the songs a lively, approachable, down-home sound."

To compliment their albums Story Girl, Compass and Mountain Rose - and just for the fun of it - the sisters self-produced, filmed and edited a collection of music videos at beautiful outdoor locations across Washington's wild landscape, striking chords with hundreds of thousands of online viewers.  Their video of Scarborough Fair has received nearly 2 million views on Youtube.  Since then their music has been featured on NPR's Thistle and Shamrock program and PBS's Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour broadcast.

After ten years of playing together and a lifetime of getting to know one another, The Gothard Sisters' collaborative process and eclectic style has evolved into a jubilant live performance, full of entertaining sibling-banter, Irish step-dancing, foot-stomping tunes, lyrical melodies, storytelling, and a genuine lightness of heart that leaves audiences feeling refreshed and inspired.   

"[The Gothard Sisters'] command over traditional and original material alike are striking chords with a wide audience.  They accomplish none of this through taking shortcuts or pandering to a modern sensibility; instead, sincerity is their byword."
- Skope Magazine

"Seattle-based The Gothard Sisters demonstrate the persistent force of Celtic influence, coupled with its eternal freedom to innovate and evolve."
Folk Words Review

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Contemporary Northwest Celtic Music

Three sisters provide high energy musical entertainment steeped in Celtic roots, classical violin chops, champion Irish step-dancing and lots of fun for audiences of all ages.

"These women are talented, beautiful, conscientious purveyors of beautifully crafted Irish music."  

- Victory Music Magazine

"Their command over traditional and original material alike are striking chords with a wide audience. They accomplish none of this through taking shortcuts or pandering to a modern sensibility; instead, sincerity is their byword."

- Skope Magazine

“Their grasp of style and presentation is big league, even when playing in more intimate settings.  This is a trio that comes off like an orchestra. ”

- Celtic Beat Magazine

“Seattle-based the Gothard Sisters demonstrate the persistent force of Celtic influence coupled with its eternal freedom to innovate and evolve. [Mountain Rose] doesn't simply replay tradition, it adds zest and flavor; mixing new arrangements with self-penned work that blends spritely tunes, irresistible melodies, and the purity of sibling harmony.”

- Folk Words Review

“Their on-stage charisma, energy, enthusiasm and extraordinary talent is second to none.  They have a unique talent of being able to captivate their audience for the entirety of their show, leaving spectators wanting more.  Furthermore, the Gothard Sisters' eclectic style and theatrical performance is something that will continue to flourish as these artists will no doubt take the World by storm.  A must-see!”

- Keith Doherty, Jacksonville Celtic Festival

“[Their music] is a tribute to traditional music, centered around a theme. And the Gothard Sisters are far too creative to allow themselves to be frozen or intimidated by the long tradition behind many of these songs. Great classic music deserves reinvention - demands it. And the Gothard Sisters answer that demand artfully and beautifully.”

- Band Blurb

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Meet the Band

Greta Gothard - The Gothard Sisters

Greta Gothard - The Gothard Sisters

Guitar . Violin . Octave Mandolin . Irish Dance . Vocals
When she was five years old she heard someone play violin and thought it was the most beautiful thing she'd ever heard, so she begged for lessons.  Greta studied classical violin for many years, later developing an interest in arrangement and composition, which led to her contributions in tune and songwriting for the band.  She is the oldest Gothard sister, and loves teaching, traveling, running the Gothard Sisters' website, and reading good books.

Photo Credit:  Eric Morgensen

Willow Gothard - The Gothard Sisters

Willow Gothard - The Gothard Sisters

Violin . Mandolin . Octave Mandolin . Bodhran .  Irish Dance . Vocals
Greatly influenced in early childhood by recordings of folk music provided by her parents, Willow grew up with a great fondness for Celtic-style fiddle tunes that can now be heard in her own compositions on Gothard Sisters albums.  After studying classical violin and competitive Irish dance and competing internationally, she turned her full attention to music and live performance, where she enjoys coming up with inventive new fiddle tunes, songs and dances for the show.  Willow co-mixes all Gothard Sisters albums, writes fiddle tunes, and works as a self-taught sound tech for the group's live shows.

Photo Credit:  Eric Morgensen

Solana Gothard - The Gothard Sisters

Solana Gothard - The Gothard Sisters

Violin . Bodhran . Djembe . Whistle . Percussion . Irish Dance . Vocals
Born into a home already filled with music, Solana quickly joined her sisters on classical violin, playing solo music and participating in Seattle's top youth symphonies.  Her love for singing was apparent to everyone, and she soon began adding it to the show and recordings.  Having stepped into the role of lead singer for the Gothard Sisters, she lends her pure and heartfelt vocals, as well as her love for a good beat, to the band.  She is the youngest Gothard Sister, and enjoys baking, reading, and seeing new places.

Photo Credit:  Eric Morgensen