From the recording Compass

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Composer: Phil Colclough
Arrangement: G. Gothard, W. Gothard, S. Gothard
Album: Compass (2013)

Performance Credits
G. Gothard: guitars, bass, strings, vocals
W. Gothard: octave mandolin, violin, strings, vocals
S. Gothard: cajon, vocals, strings, background vocals


You called and I ran / wild as the wind which rolls across the moor
All we need is each other / with the eagles we will soar
CHORUS: You are the call, I am the answer / You are the wish and I am the way
You the music, I the dancer / You are the night and I am the day

You and I, we're like two rivers / run and fall down to the sea
When we meet, we're lost forever / lost forever, you and me

Lay your head upon my pillow / let your heart beat close to mine
With no past and no tomorrow / two hearts lost in space and time