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  1. Colors of Home

From the recording Midnight Sun

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Colors of Home
(G. Gothard)
Solana Gothard: lead vocals, drums, harmonica, percussion
Willow Gothard: lead violin, octave mandolin, vocals
Greta Gothard: guitars, bass, percussion, vocals


They came from all over, blazing a trail

Like the snow that melts swiftly, from the peaks to the coast
They made a place there, for me to know

Like a tapestry woven, the colors of home


I miss the evergreen trees, I miss the comforting rain

I miss the grey of each misty new day
I miss the colors of my home, I miss the way the air feels

I miss the way that I know I belong

I miss the colors of my home

I grew up running pine needle trails
Moss green of the forest, the seagull’s bright call
Copper sunsets on a sapphire sea
Wide open spaces, as far as I can see


Call me back! …to the windswept beaches
Call me back! …to the fresh salt air

Call me back! …to the mountain reaches

Call me back! …oh I feel so far away

They paint a memory, a part of me

It’s gold like the lightning that strikes violet skies
Crimson canyon, and the evening’s red flame
Hear the chorus of voices calling my name