From the recording Midnight Sun

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Cat and the Fiddle
(G. Gothard, W. Gothard)
Solana Gothard: lead vocals, octave violin, percussion

Willow Gothard: lead violin, cajon, vocals
Greta Gothard: guitar, bass, percussion, vocals


Good ‘ol moonlight through the night
Keep it up, good work, shining bright

I’ve waited all day for my chance to play

I’ll fiddle all night and I’ll sleep all day


This old fiddle’s seen every place

Miles on the road and dust on the case

Hey diddle diddle and a hop to the right
Like a cat with a fiddle in the pale moonlight

‘Who’ said the owl ‘will watch with me’

‘You and the moon and me make three

The dish and the spoon ran away last night

Hope the fork and the knife will be alright’


‘Oh’ said the mouse as she saw me there

‘If I was not so small new shoes I’d wear
I’d join that fiddler for a dance or two

I’d leap and I’d tap ’til he told me shoo’