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  1. Bells on the Hill

From the recording Midnight Sun

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Bells on the Hill
(G. Gothard, W. Gothard, S. Gothard)
Solana Gothard: lead vocals, whistle, bodhran, snare, steel drum
Willow Gothard: lead violin, mandolin, vocals
Greta Gothard: guitar, bass, keys, vocals


He’s out at sea, sailing through the teal blue water

The ocean breeze carries him so far

He’s out at sea, cutting through the ice blue water

Through deepest night, he’s steering by a star


The bells on the hill are ringing out loud
Ring for our sailors, they’re coming home now

The sun fills the warm sand, the waves touch the shore

As my sailor comes home to me

He writes to me, treasures from a far-off island

Of wondrous things I’ve never seen before

He writes to me, cities castles wild and unknown

The gifts he’ll bring, from a foreign shore


He promised me, he will be coming home tomorrow

So there I’ll be, watching from the cove
He promised me, he’s running down the ramp tomorrow

So there I’ll be, to bring him home with me