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  1. Mermaids

From the recording Midnight Sun

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(G. Gothard, W. Gothard)
Solana Gothard: lead vocals, percussion
Willow Gothard: violin, mandolin, cajon, keys, chimes, vocals
Greta Gothard: guitar, lead violin, bass, piano, harpsichord, vocals


The swell of the ocean, the salt of the sea
This movement and motion is foreign to me
My homeland behind, a vast distance ahead

The warnings of sailors have filled me with dread

They told me old tales of the bravest of heart
Mysterious fathoms that some men can chart
Of the ones who discover, while other men sleep
The creatures that lurk in the cool briny deep


Oh they say in the sea

There are mermaids wild and free
Keeping watch in the storm
Guide you home, safe from harm
They will keep you safe in the storm

Storm clouds are brewing, the wind lifts to blow
Moving and tossing, the pewter waves grow

Terrible beauty, swift lightning and rain
I’m afraid for my life on the cruel raging main


Our ship made it through with a patchwork of scars
Wreckage of wood ‘neath the stillness of stars
The horizon goes on for miles and for years

I play a sad song, but nobody hears

Daylight breaks early, there’s sighting of land

I find that I may have the strength left to stand
Their good mission over, our guardians must go

The mermaids return to the fathoms below