For the first time in over 10 years of being in Celtic music and Irish dance, 2020 is the first year that we do not have a concert on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th. And with all the concerts and live performances that are being cancelled this year for safety reasons, we thought - why not take the show online and make it available worldwide?

So we've decided to take matters into our own hands - this show will be completely safe and you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own living room. 🎧🍻🍀 Feel free to share it with anyone else who may enjoy it!

What: our current St. Patrick's day show, filmed at three different venues last weekend and now streaming online.

When: video will now be available until midnight on March 31stnew!

Where: the video is only available on this page.

How to Watch: visit this page at the time on St. Patrick's Day (or the week afterwards) that works for your time zone, settle in, and press play!

How Much? we're offering this compiled 70-minute video of our live concert for free. However, if you feel like donating something similar to a ticket price you would have paid for actually attending a concert in person, there are several options for that below. ⬇️ You can also peruse our online store if you'd like to buy some music, a t-shirt, sheet music, or other merchandise. Please donate only what makes sense to you - no pressure. Everyone's having different levels of a hard time right now.

So sit back, relax, grab your favorite beverage, and let's enjoy the great Stay-At-Home St. Patrick's day show of 2020!

Stay-At-Home St Pat's Ticket Holders - Thank you!!  🎧💃🏼🍀

MJ,  The Nofsinger Family, Robert Z., Dave H., Amy, Todd, Josef, Larry, Charity, Cecile, Jim B., Gary, Rachel, David, Paul, Jake, Michael M.,  Robert P., Jean-Michel, Philip, Ernie, Kelly, Howard, Donald, Tomoka, Angela, Yoko @ The Music Plant Tokyo, Robert, David, Karen V., Bryce, Greg, John S., Tamaran, Erin, Robert, Steven, Gary, Hampel, Diane, Timothy K., Gary L., Joseph, Geraud, Children's Music Foundation, David T., Brad, C Wittke, Peggy, Frederick, Lynette, Lisa, Kari, Martin, Debra, Virginia, Chris, Greg T., Johan, Frederic, Michael, John P., Karen, K., Rudy, Anne, Tim, Maura, John P., Kari A., Katherine B., Beatrix, Karen, Frank, Gwen, William W., James P., Dena, K Atlansky, Charles, Nancy, Karen, Rudy, William, Jim, Regina, Kristin, Charles, Stephanie, Valerie, Marie-Odile, Kirsten, Charlie, Karen R., Rob, Michael S., Robert, Kenneth, Robert D., Darla, Willie, Hoby, Jason, Malinda, David G., David P., Marie, Ariene, Phil K., Naomi, Michael K., Paul N., James, Kira, Nathaniel, Andrew, Dana, Colleen, Caleb, Melinna, Rosalie, Grady, Inkyoung, Theresa, Carlos, Steven, Kristi, Michael J., Ann, Vince, Sheri, Joseph, Jon, Thomas, Roberta, Frank, Troy, Sean M., Nancy, Bruce M., Bob S., David, Thomas, Stephanie, Frank, Patrick, Sharman, Allyson, Terron, Tim