Thank You!

☘️ To everyone who watched and shared the Stay at Home St Pat's Show. We hope you enjoyed it and that it brought you some joy even though we all may be stuck at home for a while during the days and weeks ahead. March really was a strange month this year, wasn't it? 

The St. Patrick's Day show is no longer here on our website, but you will still be able to watch it by joining our Patreon page right here. 🎉

In the meantime though, we've received so many messages asking for more content like this that we've been working on a few ideas over the last few weeks and think we've come up with something fun to do for all of you to get more music into your lives!

Stay tuned - we'll be announcing our new idea in just a few days.

Stay-At-Home St Pat's Ticket Holders - Thank you!!  🎧💃🏼🍀

MJ,  The Nofsinger Family, Robert Z., Dave H., Amy, Todd, Josef, Larry, Charity, Cecile, Jim B., Gary, Rachel, David, Paul, Jake, Michael M.,  Robert P., Jean-Michel, Philip, Ernie, Kelly, Howard, Donald, Tomoka, Angela, Yoko @ The Music Plant Tokyo, Robert, David, Karen V., Bryce, Greg, John S., Tamaran, Erin, Robert, Steven, Gary, Hampel, Diane, Timothy K., Gary L., Joseph, Geraud, Children's Music Foundation, David T., Brad, C Wittke, Peggy, Frederick, Lynette, Lisa, Kari, Martin, Debra, Virginia, Chris, Greg T., Johan, Frederic, Michael, John P., Karen, K., Rudy, Anne, Tim, Maura, John P., Kari A., Katherine B., Beatrix, Karen, Frank, Gwen, William W., James P., Dena, K Atlansky, Charles, Nancy, Karen, Rudy, William, Jim, Regina, Kristin, Charles, Stephanie, Valerie, Marie-Odile, Kirsten, Charlie, Karen R., Rob, Michael S., Robert, Kenneth, Robert D., Darla, Willie B., Hoby, Jason, Malinda, David G., David P., Marie, Ariene, Phil K., Naomi, Michael K., Paul N., James, Kira, Nathaniel, Andrew, Dana, Colleen, Caleb, Melinna, Rosalie, Grady, Inkyoung, Theresa, Carlos, Steven, Kristi, Michael J., Ann, Vince, Sheri, Joseph, Jon, Thomas, Roberta, Frank, Troy, Sean M., Nancy, Bruce M., Bob S., David, Thomas, Stephanie, Frank, Patrick, Sharman, Allyson, Terron, Tim, Lynnetta, Mary, Trudy