Show Reviews 2018

"Their entertaining flair and delightful combination of musical instruments engaged an ever changing combination of sound and song. It was a wondrous sight to see siblings so given to their art and each other and it was very evident in their selections for the evening.
— The Write Exchange, Bangor Maine

Amazing sold out show by Greta, Willow, and Solana last night. When these sisters start with their step dancing, the stage becomes a drum. The act is mixed with humor, emotion, and inspiration. The Gothard Sisters are not to be missed.
- Scot Grassette, Mystic Theatre

Falling Snow Reviews

The Gothard Sisters are truly a beautiful anomaly in our modern musical world.
- Skope Magazine

The sisters are top flight musicians who rely on a variety of traditional instrumentation to get their work across with a modern audience and their ever-growing itinerary of more than one hundred and twenty shows a year proves that their unique visual presentation, undeniable musical talents, and command over traditional and original material alike are striking chords with a wide audience. They accomplish none of this through taking shortcuts or pandering to a modern sensibility. Instead, sincerity is their byword.” 
— Skope Magazine

The sisters, unsurprisingly perhaps, have excellent musical chemistry between them and trade off instrumental lines with a fluidity born of experience and artistic telepathy. They tackle the songs with a breadth of musical knowledge that often incorporates unexpected instruments and their interpretations of much of the material have subtle and imaginative variations on what we might expect.” 
— Vents Magazine

Live Show Reviews 2016

The varied skill set of this trio is prodigious. The future holds a lot of promise for The Gothard Sisters. Beyond their individual talents is the pleasure derived from performing together, and nobody's in charge here. These girls truly love sharing ideas and working together. The result is pure joy.” 
— Tom Perotti, Common Fence Music - Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Thank you SO much for inspiring a passion for learning for my students and sharing your multi-faceted repertoire of talent to put on an EPIC show!!!” 
— Heather Cochrane, Teacher - Omak, Washington

Live Show Reviews 2017

"Amazing fiddlers, beautiful voice(s!), enchanting tales."
- Tom, Audience Member @ The Old Church Concert Hall, Portland Oregon

Mountain Rose Reviews

Beautiful musicianship.” 
— Michael Johnathon, Woodsongs Oldtime Radio Hour - Lexington, Kentucky

Mountain Rose highlights the band's talents, with their youthful takes on traditional music and new songs written by the sisters. Especially beautiful are the instrumental offerings and soaring violin solos written by the sisters, including the drum and fiddle tune The Bandit, Mountain Rose Waltz and the jazzy Cat in a Bush. The three-part vocal harmonies are spot-on.” 
— Everett Herald Review (Mountain Rose, 2015)

Their music is a delightful blend of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, American Folk and original songs played on fiddle, guitar, bodhran, whistle and sung with just a taste of western influence that gives them a sound all their own.  Their original pieces are bright and well written and their original arrangements of classic tunes are clever, intelligent and very easy on the ear.” 
— Irish American News Review (Mountain Rose, 2015)

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