Complete Collection Sheet Music Book for Pennywhistle
  • Complete Collection Sheet Music Book for Pennywhistle
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All original Gothard Sisters tunes and songs for a D penny whistle, including chords for guitar or piano. The sheet music comes as an instant PDF download and includes an MP3 recording of whistle and guitar playing the tune as an example to help you learn!

PDF Download: 100.4 MB

Includes these tunes for whistle: * Against the Grain (tune 2) * A Girl You Don't Meet Every Day * All Through the Night * A Song For Lark * Auld Lang Syne * Bells on the Hill * Bound for the Waves Jig * Cat and the Fiddle * Cat in a Bush * Celebration Reel 1 * Celebration Reel 2 * Christmas Flower * Colors of Home * Compass * Cowboy Mud (Mazama Mornings) * Danny Boy * Elderflower March * Fairy Dance Jig * Feast of the Elven King Jig * Feast of the Elven King Reel * Fields of Athenry * Flying Sails * Gary and Maria's Jig * Grace O'Malley * Hummingbird * It's the Little Things * It Was Beautiful Reel * It Was Beautiful Song * Marching On * Mazama Mornings * Mermaids * Midnight Sun Song * Midnight Sun Tune * Mountain Rose Waltz * Neighbor's Reel * Rose, Marie and Heather Song * Rose, Marie and Heather Tune * Scarborough Fair * Stealth (Cat in a Bush) * The Happy Elf * The Boatman's Call * The Farmer's Market (The Bandit) * The Landing * The Three Coins * Wandering * Water is Wide * When the Rain Falls * Whistling Gypsy Rover * Willow's Waltz 1 * Willow's Waltz 2

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