Story Girl   : CD
  • Story Girl   : CD
  • Story Girl   : CD

Story Girl : CD

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Genres: Celtic, Folk, Americana
Released: November 1st, 2011

  • Twelve Celtic-folk tracks by the Gothard Sisters, with originals like It's the Little Things, Sailor and the Mermaid, Willow's Waltz and Marching On as well as newly worked classics like Fields of Athenry, Scarborough Fair and Raglan Road
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  • Celtic Radio's Celtic Album of the Year 2011

Story Girl 1. Sailor and the Mermaid 2. Raglan Road 3. Celebration Reel 4. Scarborough Fair 5. Lucille 6. Willow's Waltz 7. A Girl You Don't Meet Every Day 8. Midsummer Jigs 9. It's the Little Things 10. The Three Coins 11. Fields of Athenry 12. Marching On

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