New Album:  Midnight Sun (2018) 

"This is world class string and vocal oriented folk music at its finest... a sublime treat.
- Larry Toering, Skope Magazine 

"Rich, warm and compelling... wonderful music.
-Nicky Rossiter, Irish Music Magazine


1. Midnight Sun (3:57) 
2. Against the Grain (4:46) 
3. Wandering (3:55) 
4. Hummingbird (3:30) 
5. Mermaids (3:51) 
6. Elderflower March (4:13) 
7. Bells on the Hill (3:59) 
8. Cat and the Fiddle (3:42) 
9. When the Rain Falls ft. Michele McLaughlin (4:39) 
10. Rose, Marie and Heather (3:30) 
11. Mazama Mornings (3:40) 
12. Colors of Home (4:13)

Top 10 Billboard World Music Charts  
Finalist: Great American Song Contest

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Well this is exciting!  It's finally here!

We have just finished up several months working on a project very close to our hearts.  It has been a few years since our last full album (Mountain Rose in 2015), and we were determined this time to challenge ourselves and try something we've never done before - an entirely self-penned album.

It was high time for a sequel to Mountain Rose, and when we headed back into the studio in the Fall we decided we were going to try something new - an all-new, self-penned, original album of music.  It was an amazing experience writing, arranging, producing and recording these songs.  Written in our contemporary Celtic folk style and with distinct Gothard Sisters arrangements, each of them tells a little story about something special to the three of us, and we have been eagerly waiting to be able to share them with all of you!  Thanks to hours upon hours in the studio and thanks to the energy and commitment to learning demonstrated every day by our adventurous engineer, Kent Harrison at Sammamish Sounds, we have now emerged with twelve beautiful new songs for your listening enjoyment on the new album - Midnight Sun.

The music on this album is full of color and features songs written on the road about traveling and adventuring (Wandering, Midnight Sun, Hummingbird and Elderflower March were all written about recent travels in the U.S., Europe, the Mediterranean and the Panama Canal) as well as the other side of traveling, which is being homesick and longing to go home (Colors of Home, Mazama Mornings).  There are songs that tell stories of being at sea (Bells on the Hill, Mermaids) as well as songs that are new takes on traditional topics and rhymes (Rose, Marie and Heather, Cat and the Fiddle.)  

And of course, a true album of ours would not be finished without a beautiful instrumental ballad, and for this album we found an incredible fellow musician, New Age pianist and composer Michele McLaughlin to collaborate with on When the Rain Falls.  We have been fans of Michele's gorgeous music for years and were so excited to include her on this record!  Along with musical collaboration, we were completely blown away by the beautiful hand-painted artwork created for the album by Kelsey Lecky of K.A.K Lecky Illustration (front cover portrait as well as additional artwork inside the disc jacket) and the album design by Jim Bockstall of Bockstall Design Associates.

The new album, Midnight Sun, will be available to pre-order starting today on the Gothard Sisters’ website, followed by iTunes, Amazon and all other online outlets in the coming weeks as well as at each of the shows on this Summer's Midnight Sun Tour. The album will be released on May 4th worldwide and can be pre-ordered NOW.  

We hope you enjoy these songs and have a wonderful time listening to the new album!

The Gothard Sisters 

Greta, Willow and Solana 

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Pre-order on Amazon

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