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Collaboration: When the Rain Falls 

We had the absolute pleasure to collaborate with Michele McLaughlin last year on a beautiful song called "When The Rain Falls". In this new video we chat a bit about our process of making the song. One interesting fact was that we never played the song together in person, doing the entire collaboration over email and sound clips exchanged back and forth. Although we did meet up after the song was finished, and had a wonderful time chatting about music and life! 
Check it out here and listen to the album at the link in the comments. :)Enjoy!

Interview: Thunder on the Plains Radio 

Check out this fun interview we did while in Nebraska last month with Susan Ritta from Thunder on the Plains radio. In this chat we talk about recording dance taps, how we work together as sisters, being an all-female act in a largely male-dominated musical genre, tune writing, the transition between playing classical music towards folk music, what we were doing 10 years ago and much, much more!

Interview: On The Band's Influences and "Midnight Sun" 

The Gothard Sisters Put New Fire into Old Embers

by Arthur Joyce at Chameleon Fire

Starting in the 1970s, Celtic traditional music began a resurgence that fully hit its stride on the world stage in the 1980s and ’90s. Though it has since faded somewhat from prominence, some bands—The Chieftains, Planxty, Clannad, Altan and many others—have remained a fixture in world music for decades. Today its echoes continue to be heard globally with superstar acts like Celtic Woman and Riverdance. But the glitz and glamour of such a massive production isn’t for everyone. Just as with the blues, often Celtic music is best appreciated with a ragged group of musicians belting it out in a pub or small concert hall. Promoters tend to want to ‘go big or go home’ but this often leads to over-production that obscures the heart and soul of the music.

Not so with the Gothard Sisters, a trio based in Seattle, Washington, who manage to keep the production values modest while injecting new life into both traditional and original songs. Rather than sequined ball gowns and strobe lights, Greta, Willow and Solana Gothard opt for a more naturalistic image. Many of their music videos are filmed outdoors in the forests and beaches of their Pacific Northwest home, and you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful backdrop.

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Interview: Huffington Post on Falling Snow 

The Gothard Sisters’ New Christmas Album Brings Trio’s Signature Celtic Twist to Old Favorites and New Originals

by Pam Stucky at Huffington Post

Tis the season — the holiday season of course, but also the season when artists all over the world debut new music for all to enjoy in this most wonderful time of the year! 

Among this year’s seasonal offerings is Falling Snow, a Christmas album to be released this Saturday, December 3, by The Gothard Sisters. This trio of multi-talented sisters from the Pacific Northwest has been performing together since they were very young, and they travel tens of thousands of miles to perform hundreds of concerts every year. With their enchanting Celtic sound and charismatic personalities they’ve built up quite a following of loyal fans all over the world. 

The Gothard Sisters are Greta, Willow, and Solana Gothard. I had a chance recently to catch up with them to chat about the album.

Tell me about the new CD. Is there a theme? 

Our new album is called Falling Snow, and it is a full Christmas album. We came up with the name because as we were compiling the collection of songs for this album there ended up being a common theme, which was snow, snowy landscapes, falling snow, etc., in the winter time. The title actually comes from a line in “Still, Still, Still,” an Austrian carol on the album, which describes the lovely feeling of safety and warmth at Christmas time when you are inside and the cold snow is softly falling outside. “Still, still, still, one can hear the falling snow.”

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Interview: Fiddler Magazine 

The Gothard Sisters - Kindred Spirits

by Mary Larsen at Fiddler Magazine

"Live performance is a fantastic thing.  It brings people together, it stops time, it communicates through music emotions and pictures and stories that everyone can experience together even if they are complete strangers!"  - Greta Gothard 

Playing over 1000 shows since first performing as a group in 2006, the Gothard Sisters - Greta, Solana and Willow - continue to delight audiences with their high-energy performances.  Inspired early on by NPR's "Thistle and Shamrock" show, the Gothards were able to share their own music on the show this past August. 

All classically trained on violin and competitive dancers, the Gothard sisters gradually made their way to fiddling and became proficient on a variety of other instruments as well.  They are also gifted songwriters and tunesmiths.  Their newly-released third album is called Mountain Rose, and is a lively mix of fiddle tunes and songs. 

Growing up outside Seattle, the girls were homeschooled in their academics, and had outside teachers for music and dance.  With a can-do spirit, they learned not only the instruments, but also the skills necessary for a successful recording and performing career.  When I caught up with them during their fall tour this year, they were happy to share their experiences and some helpful tips.

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