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Collaboration: When the Rain Falls 

We had the absolute pleasure to collaborate with Michele McLaughlin last year on a beautiful song called "When The Rain Falls". In this new video we chat a bit about our process of making the song. One interesting fact was that we never played the song together in person, doing the entire collaboration over email and sound clips exchanged back and forth. Although we did meet up after the song was finished, and had a wonderful time chatting about music and life! 
Check it out here and listen to the album at the link in the comments. :)Enjoy!

Collaborations: Meeting Michele 

About two months ago we met Michele McLaughlin​ in person for the first time!  Funnily enough, this was after we’d already collaborated and recorded When the Rain Falls together for the new album.  
Listen to the song here: 

Michele’s music is absolutely beautiful, and we’ve loved it for years! So this was a dream come true to play music together. ✨?  
Her albums are on iTunes and Amazon, and you can also follow her on Pandora, and Spotify.