Midnight Sun

I t'  s   o u t ! 
We are pleased to announce that our most recent album (and first all-original one) is now available!  This one is full of colorful new tracks for your listening enjoyment, and we hope it gets your Summer off to the right start. 

Where to buy, stream or download Midnight Sun: 
iTunes| http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/midnight-sun/1368443995 
Amazon | http://a.co/87k3WO3 
Our Website | http://www.gothardsisters.com/store 
CD Baby | http://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/TheGothardSisters 
Spotify | http://open.spotify.com/artist/gothardsisters 

The album features songs written on the road about traveling and adventuring (Wandering, Midnight Sun, Hummingbird and Elderflower March were all written about recent travels in the U.S., Europe, the Mediterranean and the Panama Canal) as well as the other side of traveling, which is being homesick and longing to go home (Colors of Home, Mazama Mornings).  There are songs that tell stories of being at sea (Bells on the Hill, Mermaids) as well as songs that are new takes on traditional topics and rhymes (Rose, Marie and Heather, Cat and the Fiddle.) 

And of course, a true album of ours would not be finished without a beautiful instrumental ballad, and for this album we found an incredible fellow musician, New Age pianist and composer Michele McLaughlin to collaborate with on When the Rain Falls.  We have been fans of Michele's gorgeous music for years and were so excited to include her on this record!  Along with musical collaboration, we were completely blown away by the beautiful hand-painted artwork created for the album by Kelsey Lecky of K.A.K Lecky Illustration (front cover portrait as well as additional artwork inside the disc jacket.)

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