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Music Video Release: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 

Watch the Official Music Video for Hark!  

It's time for an official music video from Falling Snow!  This video attempts to capture the spirit which came with arranging this beautiful classic Christmas song into a Gothard Sisters-style celebration.  It is a joyful song, and we wanted to add a little Celtic flair to it, as well.  This video was lots of fun to film, and is our second video from the Falling Snow album.  You can see the first one, Christmas Flower, right here.

Official Music Video:  Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing
Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing on iTunes  
Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing on Amazon Mp3  
Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing on our Website  

We hope you enjoy the new video, and the new album!

Music Video Release: Christmas Flower 

Watch the Official Music Video for Christmas Flower! 

It's time for an official music video from Falling Snow!  This video captures the warmth of a new original Christmas tune the band wrote for the album - Christmas Flower.  The name comes from Poinsettias, the cheerful red blooms that appear in the market every year at Christmas.  Thanks to collaborations with the Children's Gym Irish Dance Performance team in Portland Oregon, Miss Peggy's Irish Dancers in Edmonds, Washington, and the CWU Strings Department at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington, for adding their beautiful smiles and talents to the general celebrating in this video!  

Official Music Video:  Christmas Flower
Christmas Flower on iTunes 
Christmas Flower on Amazon Mp3 
Christmas Flower on our Website 

We hope you enjoy the new video, and the new album!

King 5 Evening Magazine: Falling Snow 

The Gothard Sisters were featured on King 5's Evening Magazine with Michael King on December 8th.  The Seattle TV program went behind the scenes with the band at sound check for their Christmas tour in beautiful Edmonds, Washington and chatted about what they've been up to, Celtic music, how the sisters got started performing together, and their new Christmas album, Falling Snow.

Click here to watch the episode.

Performances with Saratoga Orchestra 

The Gothard Sisters joined together to collaborate with Whidbey Island-based Saratoga Orchestra in the Seattle area over the weekend, lending their Celtic flair to the orchestra's final concert of their season, and adding a new dimension to their original music.  

The weekend of performances included concerts in both Coupeville and Langley, Washington.  The orchestra played arrangements of four Gothard Sisters songs; Flying Sails, Auld Lang Syne, Scarborough Fair and Hummingbird.  The arrangements were very well-received and the concert was a great success.  The two groups hope to collaborate again in the future.

Gothard Sisters To Play at the Kennedy Center in DC  

Special Announcement!!
The Gothard Sisters will be included in 2016's Irish 100 Festival concerts at the Kennedy Center in DC on the millennium stage, celebrating 100 years of Irish music.  The entire month is full of world-class programming, including many wonderful musicians and concerts, artists, poets, authors, playwrights and actors. 
Here is all the information:
John F. Kennedy Center
2700 F Street
Washington, DC
Monday, May 23rd @ 6:00 PM
Admission is FREE!

A full length concert at the beautiful John F. Kennedy Center as part of their centennial celebration - enjoy Irish dance, music, and stories in this evening performance with The Gothard Sisters in DC!

Update:  The video from the live stream is up now, so you can watch the whole show right here:
WATCH NOW:  The Gothard Sisters LIVE @ The Kennedy Center, Washington DC

The Songs of Old Europe Premieres in Seattle 

The Gothard Sisters were honored to be included in a new documentary on the old folk songs of Europe  - "The Songs of Old Europe... Ancient Belarusian Folk Songs," directed by Volya Dzemka.  Footage from the Gothard Sisters' Christmas show were featured in the documentary.  You can see more about the film here:

The Songs of Old Europe

This unique feature-length documentary was made with the purpose of introducing people of the world to the beauty and richness of the oldest unaltered folk songs of Europe as they sounded, were performed and carried through the centuries by Belarusian villagers - ancient Belarusian folk songs.

Music Video Release: Hummingbird 

Watch the Official Music Video for Hummingbird!

It has been a long time since the Gothard Sisters last released a music video!  Put the months recording Mountain Rose right next to the heaviest touring year ever in 2015 and the band ended up not being able to get around to making any videos.  And while they still plan to make some videos for the songs on Mountain Rose, when the idea for Hummingbird came about, the sisters decided to release a video for it.   The new song (now available on iTunes) is full of sunshine, and such interesting colors.  The band wanted to make a video that was colorful and interesting, with some special Gothard Sisters touches.  Here it is for you to enjoy, as well as links to purchase the new recording.

Official Music Video:  Hummingbird
Hummingbird on iTunes
Hummingbird on Amazon Mp3
Hummingbird on our Website

We hope you enjoy the new video, and the new song!

Special Announcement: Recording a New Album! 

A Message from the Gothard Sisters:
Here is that announcement we've been hinting at for the last week.  
Yes, that's right, we're recording a new album! 

In the Fall we released a single (one song - fairy dance jig), but now we are back in the studio in earnest and recording an entire album's worth of new material.  At the moment we're aiming for a Summer 2013 release, followed by a national tour based on the new material, plus all your favorites from Story Girl.  To keep up with all the latest news from the studio, keep an eye on this page!