Playlist: Magic Halloween

Magical music from hobbit-y jigs to magical moments from Harry Potter, Autumn aesthics, epic Celtic tunes, flamenco guitar, acoustic jams and a beautiful magic seasonal vibe.

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Interview: Thunder on the Plains Radio

Check out this fun interview we did while in Nebraska last month with Susan Ritta from Thunder on the Plains radio. In this chat we talk about recording dance taps, how we work together as sisters, being an all-female…

Playlist: Instrumental Study Music

Our latest playlist on Spotify is one that should come in handy during the Fall and Winter months to come. Comforting and stimulating instrumental study music from folk, world, classical and new age musicians.

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Video: Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores

Hi everyone! 

This is a song (and set of tunes) we recorded in collaboration with House of Hamill, Mickey Spain, and members of Runa, Emish, Socks in the Frying Pan and Poor Man's Gambit. Please help us out by sharing…

Reviews: Your Review

Hi all! It has now been several months since we released Midnight Sun (our new album) and we’ve been completely blown away by the enthusiastic response from all of you loyal listeners. We’re so glad that you love the…

Playlist: Women in Celtic Music

Our latest playlist on Spotify is our list of the awesome women making music in the Celtic and World genres.  Although we are few, we are mighty, and here are some really dynamite artists in this category.  We hope you…

Midnight Sun: New Video Coming Friday

Super excited. A new music video from our album Midnight Sun comes out this week! Check our website first thing Friday morning 🎻 Any guesses what song?

Review: 'Midnight Sun' In Irish Music Magazine

Irish Music Magazine Review
by Nicky Rossiter

DUBLIN - Here we have a very welcome album of new songs and music all the way from the west coast of America. The sisters Willow, Greta & Solana have been very well…

Postcard: North Cascades

This is the type of scene that just begs to have a tune or set of tunes written about it!