Announcing: A Cozy Celtic Concert Series

As most of the world stays at home and changes their daily routines, we were overwhelmed with the lovely reaction to our Stay At Home St Pat's show from a few weeks ago - thank you so much for all…

New Playlist: A Cozy Celtic Quarantine

This playlist was requested by you guys - the fans! 

Songs and tunes for our collective isolation. Hopeful and thoughtful songs and melodies and tasty tunes to get us all through this. ☕️🌞🍎 #celticmusic #quarantunes #folkmusic #newage #relaxing #happy #cozyceltic

New Playlist: Our Musical Influences

This new #spotify playlist is an ongoing project. We've had many people at shows and in interviews ask about our musical influences and so we've created this new playlist for just that - it features a lot of the music…

End of the Decade and Happy New Year!

Now - 2019 | Then 2010 

Cheers to the end of a decade! 🥂🌿✨ 

10 years ago we had no idea what the future would bring. But thanks to all of you and to the power of music, we…


On the Road: Christmas Tour

The Christmas tour is all wrapped up for 2019, but now you can come along as we recap some of the highlights from our 9 Celtic Christmas shows in Washington, Oregon and Montana.

On the Road: Japan Tour

The Gothard Sisters have returned home to the NW after 5 amazing weeks in Japan. On the tour we visited 22 cities and performed 23 concerts. It was completely amazing and delightful. We're so grateful! 

The tour in Japan…

Fan Art: Pencil Drawings

These beautiful sketches were sent to us by Julia, who is 15 years old. She did all of these drawings and we wanted to share them all with you! Aren't they lovely?

10 Years: It's The Little Things

We have an exciting announcement. This summer officially marks 10 years of sisterly music-making as The Gothard Sisters. 

When we first started out we had no idea this musical adventure together would turn into the worldwide thing it has…

Gothard Sisters: 2019 Grand Concert Tour of Japan

We are incredibly excited and honored to announce that we will be going on a grand concert tour of Japan this year! Thanks to Min-On 民主音楽協会-民音, we will be visiting 20 different cities and performing in Japan for the entire…

Playlist: Celtic Lullabies

Music to drift off to sleep with... peaceful selections from Celtic, World, New Age and Folk music. Imagination and comfort. #Celtic #Lullabies #Sleep #Sleepytime #Night #Evening


New Playlist: Celtic Lullabies