Review: 'Midnight Sun' - Amplifying Tradition and Creating Original Pathways

Folk Words Review
by Tim Carroll

Many musical genres and styles reflect the distance of traveling, loss of  homeland, journeying from family and the call of adventure, however the deep-seated understanding of such narratives finds its true home in Celtic influence. The spirits of those stories grow from roots that thrive long and deep, and it takes respect for their longevity to amplify tradition and simultaneously create original pathways. The Gothard Sisters (Solana, Willow and Greta) have perfected their handling of Celtic-influenced contemporary folk to deliver that essential essence ... and to prove it, their album ‘Midnight Sun’ is their best yet.


The album features songs grown from ‘travelling the road’ and ‘observing its experiences’ ... there’s so much reverence for the Celtic heritage in sisters’ writing, these songs could be from today or many years ago. The true magic comes from their ability to craft music and song both fresh as sunrise and yet drenched in tradition. There’s the melodic richness of the title track ‘Midnight Sun’, a beautiful testimony to roving in ‘Wandering’, the voyaging narrative‘Mermaids’ and the beautifully revealed longing ‘Colours of Home’. Throughout, you’re treated to an experience of reflection, observation and deliberation ... the experience continues to weave its way through the instrumentals, from the distinctive drive of ‘Against the Grain’, to the stately steps of ‘Elderflower March’ and the softly embracing ‘When the Rain Falls’. 

‘Midnight Sun’ is vivid, inspirational and captivating ... seething with joyous expression.

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