In the Studio: Compass

This last weekend we made some great strides on the recording of the new album.  We are now 8 out of 12 - three quarters of the way done with the album.  The songs are changing pace a little bit as they usually do halfway through.  

You see, we go about recording and producing an album in quite a different way than most studio musicians.  Most musicians have their entire album mapped out and written before they set foot in a studio.  We are coming up with the music as we go.  This allows us to explore many different moods and feel the album out as we're recording it to see what it needs more or less of.  So when we get to the halfway point, as we did a few weeks ago, the album could go in basically any direction, musically.  I think we're starting to get a much better glimpse of what the whole picture of the new album is going to be and we LOVE it!!  And we think that you will, too.  Stay tuned now for faster updates as we reach the end of the recording process and begin post-production.  We should know within a few weeks now about the potential release date and much more exciting stuff that we have planned for the release of the new album! 

Again, THANK YOU to all of you who visit our site, follow us on facebook, read our newsletters and support us by spreading our music around the internet or sharing it with your friends.  We have the best fans.  You are all wonderful!  And we can't wait to share this new music with YOU!!

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