End of the Decade and Happy New Year!

Now - 2019 | Then 2010 

Cheers to the end of a decade! 🥂🌿✨ 

10 years ago we had no idea what the future would bring. But thanks to all of you and to the power of music, we managed to: 

🎻 release 4 Celtic and original albums 

🎄 release 2 Christmas albums 

🎶 record 74 songs 

🎉 chart at #6 on Billboard World Music charts 

🚙 visit 47 states 

✈️ visit 18 countries 

🏅 perform at the Kennedy Center 

🚢 perform on Disney Cruise Line 

👘 tour in Japan 

💃 perform nearly 2,000 shows 

❤️ we are so grateful for every mile traveled, every hour of practice and rehearsal, every mistake or disaster, every fan and smiling face, every customer and supporter, every presenter and agent, every difficult or amazing day, every musical note and musical friend, every lesson learned, perspective gained or small wisdom earned. 

Thank you for this amazing decade! Let's all have another ten years of music and all the little things. 

Happy New Year! 🌺🐚

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