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Blustery Beach

It was a beautiful, blustery day at the beach yesterday.

New Year, New Music

With a brand new year comes a lot of new ideas that are finally coming together for us as a band. We're excited to announce exclusively to you that we are officially back in the studio, working on songs for…

Winter Morning

Peaceful and calm.  So quiet one can hear the falling snow ...

Iowa Irish Fest: Year 3

It was a fantastic year 3 at the Iowa Irish Fest in downtown Waterloo - it's always so fun to see the entire city transformed and covered in Irish flags and the bands drive or fly in from so many…

Beautiful Fan Art

We love this piece of art from fan @paulmccartney4eva! We love art that was inspired by music ??? if you've also created something, please share!


Another great piece of fan art by Matteo, age 16, from Rome! This…

Knitting in Tallinn

This is the best kind of hat for cold weather - both a hat and a scarf in one!

Photo taken in Old Tallinn, Estonia

Travel Days

After a long day on an airplane it seems only fitting that we demolish a good key lime pie ?✈️?